Especie en Riesgo de Extinción: El Cuerpo Femenino (Endangered Species: The Female Body)

Cómo superar una cultura que nos enferma. (What to do when the culture we live in gets us sick)

Presented in Spanish.

This broadcast discusses and challenges the cultural biases and stereotypes that suggest women’s bodies are beautiful only if they diet or are enhanced with cosmetic surgery.

According to Endangered Species Women, “The aim is to save future generations of girls from the misery that turns women against their own bodies. The challenge—to make people understand how and why this is an emergency, to show them how they can do something about it, and to inspire them to embrace change.

This continuing education presentation was conducted at the Endangered Species Women conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 16, 2011. For more information, visit Endangered Species Women.