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 Iréné Celcer discusses different topics for the media:

Adicción Digital  CNN Programa Clix con Guillermo Arduino

Relaciones Familiares: La comunicación con los adolescentes en el S.XXI  CNN El Mirador Mundial con Guillermo Arduino

Bigger Is better
Connect with Kids Network
Bigger Is BetterShifting trends away from media images of extreme thinness are viewed as positive for teens’ developing body image.


Especie en Riesgo de Extinción: El Cuerpo Femenino (Endangered Species: The Female Body)
Cómo superar una cultura que nos enferma (What to do when the culture we live in gets us sick)
The Female BodyPresented in Spanish.
This broadcast discusses and challenges the the cultural biases and stereotypes that suggest women’s bodies are beautiful only if they diet or are enhanced with cosmetic surgery.


Climactic Effects on Anorexia and Bulimia
The Weather Channel
Climactic Effects on Anorexia and Bulimia The impact of the weather on body image and eating disorders is explored in this broadcast featuring Iréné Celcer. Past research suggests that warmer weather does appear to impact women’s body weight, bulimic behavior, and body image perceptions. Ms. Celcer stresses that multiple factors influence body image, and that weather can certainly be part of the overall picture.