Specialties & Services

Iréné Celcer is a mental health professional who specializes in several areas, including parenting, infertility, and third party reproductive assistance. She has extensive expertise in eating disorders, body image perceptions, and women’s issues.

Ms. Celcer is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops in the USA and overseas. A regular guest on CNN, she also has conducted presentations for mental health professionals, psychologists, social workers, teachers, parents, and the general public. Ms. Celcer maintains a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, where she works with individuals, couples, parents, and children.


Penguin familyPenguin FamilyThrough her clinical work as a social worker, Ms. Celcer has had extensive experience helping parents address the challenges of building a family and bringing up children. She has worked in therapy with parents and children to help them navigate their own unique familial challenges. She also leads support groups for parents who have children with various forms of attention deficit disorder (ADD, ADHD). Blending pragmatic behavior modification with an understanding of systems theory, Ms. Celcer helps parents be parents.

Infertility & Third Party Reproductive Assistance

Teddy BearMs. Celcer works with individuals and couples, assisting them with making the challenging decisions presented by infertility, and helping them carve out a direction that best matches their individual needs. This includes helping them when they feel uncertain or indecisive, not knowing whether to move forward, stop, or consider other options. She helps them explore other alternatives like third party reproduction, adoption, or living life without parenting.

Ms. Celcer helps individuals and couples explore their own unique path. As an infertility specialist, she helps them with the many crises and grief that infertility may bring, and she also helps them negotiate relationships with family and friends, all the while trying to restore a level of comfort and peace with their decision process.

Ms. Celcer practices her specialty of infertility withing the guidelines of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Eating Disorders

scale_analogMs. Celcer works on eating disorders with an eclectic cognitive approach to help people become comfortable in their bodies in a world surrounded by food. She helps people learn how to eat in a balanced way, in accordance with their own cues of physical hunger. She also helps them conquer compulsive eating.

In addition to the treatment of eating disorders, Ms. Celcer does prevention and advocacy work through public presentations at schools and other organizations.