Program for Girls Scouts

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall How to feel Pretty After all?

1025 Lenox Valley Dr. Atlanta GA 3032409
Cadettes, Seniors,Ambassadors

The program teaches girls about positive body image, no matter size or shape, and mindful eating, so they can increase self-esteem, decrease body image issues and the chances of an unhealthy relationship with food. My hope too, is for girls to do away with body shaming. The program shines light on ways girls (and their parents) are pressured to look a certain way; even eat a certain way! The latest research shows that fighting overweight, and obesity in the traditional way, does not work long term. Dieting, not only increases weight gain, due to weight cycling, but it also opens the door to the medical problem of inflammation, which may bring on the diseases we try to avoid: diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, with dieting, and failing in the long run, girls start to have low self-esteem. It gives parents tools to avoid struggles around body image, food and eating. Parents will leave the program with tools to be proactive in their body image, healthy eating-girls’ development. The first hour with girls is very hands on. We look at and discuss body image, brainstorm over photoshop, do role-playing and finally, we do an exercise on mindful eating. I spend the second hour with parents. We discuss anything that they might want to from what they have seen, hear the first hour and I answer all their questions. Girls will take home with them, an autographed copy of my new book 99 Tips to Parenting in a World Obsessed with Food, Weight, Obesity and Body Image (Graphite Press) so they can continue practicing what they learned with their parents, and with friends.

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$150 per group of ten girls