A Different Perspective on Childhood Obesity

By Iréné Celcer, MA, LCSW 

The following is an  excerpt of an article I wrote  for Our Parenting Spot. You can find it  at

…If we are going to win the war on obesity, we should separate fact from fiction because we need to make sure that we are declaring war on the right culprit. (more…)


Adolescencia, Cuerpo y Violencia

Lic.  Iréné Celcer, MA, LCSW 

Pareciera que, aunque la sociedad está androgizándose, los códigos con respecto al género siguen en vigencia. Todavía el ímpetu adolescente  cursa por dos caminos diferentes para los varones y para las mujeres. Si bien en los últimos diez años se nota en la clinica diaria que ambos sexos utilizan la violencia física; aún son más, la cantidad de adolescentes  mujeres que  (more…)

The Therapist’s Chair: A Clinician’s Guide to Untangling the Complexities of Infertility—Part I

By Iréné Celcer, MA, LCSW

A Crisis of All Times

Infertility is a formidable crisis to confront. It challenges unspoken rules about when and how adults should build a family.

But the challenges posed by infertility are nothing new.

Three matriarchs of the Judeo-Christian tradition, Sara, Rebecca and Rachel suffered tremen- dously. Their stories illustrate how they handled infertility (more…)