Iréné Celcer is an accomplished writer, and has published several books in her fields of interest.

99 Tips to Reset the Table: Parenting in a Society Obsessed with Food, Weight, Obesity, & Body Image

99 Tips to Reset the Table: Parenting in a Society Obsessed with Food, Weight, Obesity, & Body ImageThe book is here! A pocket volume of tips to educate families with tots, tweens, and teens about their relationship with food and eating. She brings her extensive experience in the parenting profession to bear on the sometimes difficult issues surrounding food in the home.

Discover how the unique dynamics of biology and psychology impact on hunger, dieting, body image, undereating, overeating, and just eating. Designed to be a book that everyone in the family can read, this is a must-have for navigating our relationship with food in the family. (Illustrated by Horacio Gatto.)

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¿Usted creía imposible comunicarse con su hija adolescente?: Temas para charlar ¡ya mismo!

celcer_usted_creiaMs. Celcer’s most recent release (2014), this book covers everything you want to tell your daughter before it’s too late. Many times we feel it’s impossible to talk to our teens—but such a belief is a myth.

Suggestions are provided on how to “talk” with your daughter, along with how to “listen” to her so she knows that she’s being heard and respected.

If you cherish and are interested in strengthening the mother-daughter bond, then this is the book for you.

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Hope & Will Have a Baby

celcer_hope_n_willMs. Celcer’s most recent release is a children’s book collection on third party reproductive assistance (Graphite Press, 2007, 2010). Each of the six books in this collection follows an inquisitive little boy who learns of his parents’ quest to have children, and the success they ultimately achieve in creating a family.

Each stand-alone volume recounts the same story from a different perspective, highlighting six distinct pathways to conception: egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, adoption, and traditional conception. For this collection of books, the author donates a portion of her royalties for charitable and educational purposes. Organizations include Save the Children and Equality Now.

Already available in print, the Hope & Will collection will be released as eBooks in Spring 2014. For more information about the entire book collection, please visit

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Mujer Cuerpo ¿Dieta? La Voz de la Obsesión (Women, Their Bodies & Dieting: The Voice of an Obsession)

celcer_rmujer_cuerpo_dietaMs. Celcer’s second book (Vinciguerra, 1996) provides a biting critique of cultural attitudes toward the body image of women. She shows how a combination of cultural, social and personal factors converge to compel women to be obsessed with their bodies.

She finishes the book with a series of hands-on exercises designed to help women who feel at odds with their own body image.

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La Tiranía de las Dietas (The Tyranny of Diets)

celcer_la_tirania_dietasIn her first book (Planeta, 1994), Ms. Celcer outlines the tyranny of dieting, showing the sacrifices that bulimic and anorexic women go through in order to achieve their one obsession: to be thin.

In this book, the author provides a passionate critique of the concept and practice of dieting, showing how most dieting does not work. According to the author, dieting is a set up that unfortunately makes millions fail daily.

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