Teens’ VOICES: Can Parents be Helpful when it Comes to Body Image & Food?

Often, unfortunately, parents are not helpful to Teens, even when they try to be! This happens a lot in relation to body image and food. If you are a teen who wants to VOICE how parents can be helpful to YOU, this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO VOICE what YOU NEED, and want THEM to do.Your answers could be part of a book, anonymously, of course, to protect your identity.

This is the beginning of the book enterprise. Hope YOU DECIDE TO HELP!! You can reach me by FB, email, Twitter or from within my website.

Here are Your Questions

1) Name you want to use for book (you can make up your name):

2) Age and Gender:

4) City, State and Country (or just tell me how many people live in your city and state)

5) What, in your opinion, are the most unhelpful thing parents do, concerning food?

6) What are the most unhelpful thing parents do, concerning body image?

7) What would you want parents to know about body image & eating that would help you?

8) Do you think parents could be helpful to you in any way? How?

9) Could friends be helpful? How could they do differrently?

10) How can Society at large be helpful to you?

PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ANSWERS to my EMAIL (sorry about the old method)




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