Spring and Body Image

Spring … nature wakes up. It seems that it gathers vigor and potency to deliver the enchantment of renewal and then, a full summer. The birthing during spring may feel sudden as when chirping birds inundate our hearing one morning, seemingly out of the blue. Or, it may feel subtle and smooth as when one sees little green leaves and tender spruces come to life gently.Be it as it may, sudden or subtle for most people, spring is a lovely season.

But, for certain women, and for some men, the new sounds, smells and tastes of spring bring anxiety. The prospect of wearing lighter, more revealing clothing, more than announcing a change in weather, it signifies a tyranny and almost a torture. Why?

  1. Spring is the season where women begin to uncover the bodies that they covered for months. But for those with an eating or a body image problem, each layer of clothing that gets discarded brings on a layer of obsessing about body image, dieting and the impending need of a swimsuit. Young women, more than ever are shown and told to show more body that they were ever asked to shown before. In fact, we are at the point where nothing in a woman’s anatomy seems to be private anymore. Young women worry about the right shape of their If you do not know what your camel toe is, know at least that it does not refer to your feet or toes. Wikipedia enlightens you as follows:

Camel toe or cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female’s labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes. Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the tightness of the fabric covering it, the crotch and mons pubis may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.

So, what is it that you can do to help younger and older women (and men) to welcome the renewal that springs brings on, with a sense of peace and relaxation and indeed, renewal? What can you do so that other women (and men) do not feel so insecure about their body and body image?

  • Now that spring is here, do not engage in diet talk. It feeds insecurities.
  • Do not ‘mince yourself’ in from of the mirror looking at JUST ‘a thigh’, ‘a stomach’, or ‘a hip’.
  • When you look in the mirror, do not put yourself down especially in front of your children. They learn by example.
  • Do not complain about clothes shopping and your body with your teen. Remember that it is the clothing, not your body what is at fault if something does not fit you well. One size or one style or one fashion cannot possibly fit all of us.
  • Remember that your insecurities during spring are valuable to big corporations that make money on the anti cellulite cream you buy when you feel bad about your body.
  • Do enjoy your body as it is. Breath renewal in doing the things you love to do.
  • Pay attention to the colors you will like to use this season.
  • Choose to shop, stores that have your style and sizes.
  • Respect that you as all others are not perfect. Have you seen Cindy Crawford’s’ unaltered pictures of her body? She is a regular person!
  • Remind your child or teen all of the above  when you tell her that spring is about happiness. Let him know that renewal is  never about perfection, it is just about rebirth!

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